Industry 4.0 (Smart Machine Monitoring System)

Industry 4.0 (Smart Machine Monitoring System)
ValiantView Pvt. Ltd is an Indian technology firm specializing in developing and implementing Internet of Things-based products and solutions for businesses. The company aims to provide plug-and-play, modular, and industrial-grade hardware and an IoT platform that enables businesses to securely connect, manage and analyze data from machines and assets across manufacturing industries, ranging from legacy to modern.

ValiantView’s flagship product is it’s Smart Machine Monitoring System (SMMS). Through this solution, manufacturing industries can reduce equipment downtimes by enabling real-time monitoring of machine health, production levels, breakdowns, and conditions. SMMS utilizes preventive and predictive analytics to catch issues before they cause machine failures or prolonged stoppages.

The company was founded in 2015 by a team of engineers with decades of experience in automation, industrial IoT, and manufacturing domains. ValiantView’s end-to-end IoT solutions leverage low-power wireless technologies including Bluetooth LE, WiFi, Zigbee, NB-IoT, and LoraWAN. The modular design of ValiantView sensors allows them to be retrofitted on virtually any industrial machine to enable remote monitoring and control capabilities.

ValiantView’s IoT platform serves as the backbone of its solutions. The platform securely collects and aggregates data streams from various sensors and machines, provides data storage and visualization, and performs advanced analytics. Customers can access real-time and historical data via a web-based dashboard and configure alerts for key performance indicators. The platform’s rules engine helps automate actions based on sensor readings and data insights.

ValiantView has successfully deployed SMMS for hundreds of customers across industries such as automotive, textile, steel, food processing, oil, and gas, as well as government organizations. Common use cases include condition monitoring of motors, compressors, pumps, and conveyor belts. ValiantView’s IoT solutions have helped customers reduce equipment breakdowns by 20-50%, optimize energy consumption by 10-15% and increase overall equipment effectiveness.

Moving forward, ValiantView aims to expand its product portfolio to cater to an even wider range of industry use cases. The company also plans to leverage advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop more advanced self-learning and predictive capabilities within its IoT platform and solutions. The overarching mission remains unchanged: to help businesses maximize productivity, efficiency, and asset utilization through the power of the Industrial Internet of Things.

AI and ML

As leading innovators in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we design and build cutting-edge applications that revolutionize the way business is done. Our team of expert AI and ML engineers utilizes the latest research and technologies to create systems that offer a superior combination of performance, scalability, and reliability.

Over the years, we have developed AI-based solutions for a wide range of industries from financial and banking to healthcare and retail. Our integrated development approach allows clients to focus on strategic priorities while we optimize processes and maximize value through the implementation of intelligent technologies. With one of the most comprehensive AI portfolios, we can provide any part of the full solution lifecycle from concept development to product launch and management.

We combine deep domain expertise with the power of data-driven methodologies to achieve our client’s business objectives. Our teams have hands-on experience implementing all the major types of AI/ML technologies including machine learning algorithms (supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement), deep learning (ANN, CNN, RNN), natural language processing (text mining, text classification), computer vision, expert systems, and recommender systems. We evaluate algorithms, architectures, and modeling techniques based on your unique data sets and specific use cases.

Our proven deployment methodology allows AI solutions to be integrated smoothly into existing infrastructure and workflows. We work with enterprises to identify the right balance of custom, open source, and commercial platforms based on a myriad of factors like scalability, security, cost, support requirements, future roadmap, and the vendor ecosystem. We help navigate the complex landscape of AI technologies to guide your digital transformation initiatives for long-term success.

With a client-centric approach and dedication to innovation, we continuously push the boundaries of possibility and uncover powerful new ways to create value through the application of AI and Machine Learning. Trust us to deliver AI initiatives that drive business growth, increase efficiency, and reshape customer experiences at your organization.